Combining Modesty and Trendiness in Clothing Choices

There are many women who want to be able to stay trendy and up to date on today's fashion without sacrificing their commitment to modesty and decency, and luckily there are a number of resources out there that help make this easily possible. Especially with a rise in modest dress and clothing companies that provide excellent products to those in this position, women who want to dress both fashionably and modestly have a number of options. 

And at Moments Made, we're here to help. Our selection of modest dresses and other modest clothing options for women is second to none in Utah, allowing women to meet both these criteria quite easily. What are some of the broad, 10,000-foot-level tips we often provide to clients who prefer a modest approach to their outfits, but still want to keep up with today's styles? Here are several to keep in mind. 

Be Aware of Current Trends

It may sound overly simplistic, but the first big step here is simply ensuring that you're on the same page as the current trends. Pay close attention to what designers are offering, and pick out which parts of their collections you like the most. If certain pieces of clothing seem too revealing or don't quite meet your standards for modesty, it's best to avoid them altogether.

At the same time, pay attention to reviews and advice from fashion bloggers who specialize in more modest clothing. It can be a great way to learn about the latest trends and stay informed of new options. In addition, you should also keep an eye on styles from the past that still look good today - vintage-inspired pieces like those offered by Moments Made can help complete any wardrobe while remaining respectful to your standards of modesty.

The Concept of Layering

When it comes to combining the latest fashion trends with your desire to maintain modesty within your wardrobe, layering can be a great way to accomplish your goals. This means wearing multiple layers of clothing in order to create an outfit that looks stylish and fashionable while still staying modest. Depending on the type of fabric you use, different pieces can be combined together in unique ways to help achieve the look you're going for.

For example, Moments Made has a great selection of modest clothing pieces that can be mixed and matched with other garments in your wardrobe, allowing you to create unique looks for any occasion. 

Some examples of ways to layer certain specific clothing pieces:

  • T-shirts: For those who prefer a more casual look, t-shirts can be layered with a light jacket or cardigan. This sort of look is perfect for a night out or a day at the office.
  • Button-up shirts: Button-up shirts can be paired with sweaters and vests for a more professional look, ideal for work or more formal occasions. 
  • Dresses: Dresses are perhaps the most versatile when it comes to layering - they can be layered with long-sleeved tees, blazers, or cardigans to create a stylish and modest look.
  • Skirt extenders: One great way to add a bit of extra coverage and modesty to shorter skirts is to layer them with skirt extenders. These can be simple slip-on extensions that go over the waistband of your skirt, or they can be more intricate pieces such as underskirts or petticoats. 

These are just some of the ways you can layer your clothes to achieve a fashionable yet modest look. Keep in mind that the same basic principles still apply when it comes to dressing modestly - choose fabrics and cuts of clothing that are comfortable, flattering, and appropriate for your body type. Doing so will ensure you stay stylish and on-trend without sacrificing modesty. 

The Importance of Colors

Another key factor to consider when creating modest looks is the type of color palette you use. Stick with classic and timeless shades such as black, white, beige, navy blue, and gray - these will help create a more subtle and sophisticated look while still being respectful to your standards of modesty.

A well-crafted wardrobe should also include more vibrant colors like red, orange, and yellow. These can be used as accent pieces to brighten up an otherwise dull outfit and they can also help create a more eye-catching look. 

One resource that's often valuable for those considering color in their modest outfits is the color wheel. This refers to a well-known wheel-shaped color guide, one that shows not only a full range of colors, but also which colors complement or contrast each other. Knowing which colors to pair together will help you craft stylish and modest outfits for any occasion. 

Being Confident

Finally, one major key to looking fashionable and modest is to be confident in your choices. Embrace the fact that you are dressing according to your standards and don't be afraid to express yourself through your clothing. Doing so will help ensure you look stylish and classy regardless of what type of clothes you choose to wear. 

Remember, fashion doesn't have to mean showing a lot of skin - it can mean dressing in a way that makes you feel comfortable, confident, and beautiful. With the right combination of clothing pieces and colors, you can look fashionable while still staying true to your commitment to modesty. 

By following these tips, you'll be able to achieve stylish and modest looks for any occasion. For more here, or to learn about any of our modest dresses or other modest clothing pieces for women around Utah, speak to our team at Moments Made today.